Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards 2016

The Arqivas are one of the funnest events in my presenting calendar. Each year, many of the most impressive names in the radio industry are invited to attend the award show, which for the last two years has taken place at The Roundhouse in Camden. This year I got to interview Melvin Odoom, Joey Essex, Matt Cardle, Christian O’Connell, Tony Blackburn, Rob Beckett and Myleene Class among others. Check out the highlights below:

Interview with Sketch McDraw

Last week I interviewed Kyle A.K.A Sketch McDraw – a prop maker and runner up in the Cosplay championships in France last year. He took us through the intricacies of making his Kuma costume and chatted about the ins and outs of the UK cosplay industry.

See the full interview here.

Interview with Gingersnap

Leia, a.k.a. Gingersnap is at the forefront of the UK cosplay scene and I was lucky enough to interview her for the Eighty Sixth Floor a few weeks. In this video she talks openly about the issues of body shaming in the cosplay industry.

You can view the full interview here.