ThrowBackThursday: Nirvana Night at the 02 Islington

It may be pretty belated but I needed to shout out Experience Cinema (the same people who created Rooftop Film Club), for their recent cine-gig: Nirvana live at Reading Festival 1992. 

What makes this different from any other cinema experience I’ve ever had is that the venue is designed to make you feel like you are there at the gig. There are no seats so everyone stands looking up at Nirvana as they play on stage. The clever lighting is such that is a continuation of whatever is happening on stage so when strobe lighting moved from the band to the audience, we in Islington were also suddenly bathed in it. 


The sound was superb. You really felt like you were there. People entered a time warp, clapping after each song and forgetting that, sadly, it was not 1992 anymore. 

Sadly lots of us never got the chance to see the beauty that was Kurt Cobain live. But I feel like I’ve come pretty close now. 


Oh and I got a free wig. 

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